#TipsForArtists: Claim/Verify Your Boomplay Artist Account With These 5 Easy Steps


Boomplay Music

Artists can now claim their Boomplay Artist Accounts by following these 5 Easy steps.

Step 1: Download The App

Download the latest version of Boomplay On your device (Android / ios)

Download: Google Play Store

Step 2: Sign Up/Login

Create or Login to an existing Boomplay account to be able to access Boomplay.

Sign Up: Boomplay

Login: Boomplay

Step 3: Copy Boom ID

Copy Boom ID from created or existing account, i.e 56828667 & keep in clipboard 📋

Boom id

Step 4: I’m an Artist

On the account tab in Boomplay app, tap/click “I’m An Artist“, then click claim now and you will be redirected to another page. Where you will fill out details.

Find “I’m an artist” & Select

Step 5: Fill Submission Form

After being redirected to Submission page, details about artist will need to be provided. Such as: Boom id, Artist Name (input name & wait till highlight is brought out for selection), Album Selection (song), Full Name (Personal), Email Address, Phone Number (note. Phone number & email should be same as detailed in Boomplay personal account), Nationality, Distributor Name (e.g Amuse), Upload a screenshot of social media account (1) [Instagram or Twitter] where artist activities can be seen.

Select “Claim Now”

After all the required information are filled, you can now submit and wait for a period of 3 days or less for Boomplay to review your claim request.

Boomplay For Artists: Figure 1

Boomplay For Artists: Figure 2

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