Hulk's True love Story was Ruined by a Marvel mistake

No Hulk fan will forget his love affair with Jarella of K'ai. But her tragic death only gets worse... now that fans know it shouldn't have happened.Hulk Love Story Death Jarella Comic
Long time fans of the Incredible Hulk know that of all the things which torture Bruce Banner, the loss of those he loved--either as Bruce or the Hulk--stings worst. While names like Betsy Ross or Caiera from Planet Sakaar come to mind, the most tragic of Hulk's lost loves is the one least remembered: Princess Jarella, from the sub-atomic kingdom called K'ai.

Created by Roy Thomas, Herb Trimpe and iconic science fiction writer Harlan Ellison, this originally intended one-off character would appear sporadically throughout the Incredible Hulk series as she became one of Hulk's greatest love interests. Tragically, her story was cut short by a death that saw waves of protest from faithful fans who shared their hero's grief. The worst part? Fans would learn decades later that Jarella's death was actually a mistake, and a product of an incomplete story Marvel simply left unfinished.

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