Fans React as they were not invited to Cardi B and Offset's Daughter's Party

Cardi B and Offset threw a lavish birthday party for their daughter, Kulture Kiari Cephus, who turned 2 on July 10. As she shared glimpses from the extravagant event on her Instagram stories, fans expressed how they would have loved to be invited to the toddler's big day. 
"I act like I’m okay but deep down inside I wish I was at Kulture birthday party. #[email protected]," a fan commented, while another shared: "Cardi’s Instagram story makes me wish I was invited to Kulture’s party." Another said, "#kulture makes me feel poor but anyways she is the best dressed lil munchkin. I've ever seen offset and cardi needs a oscar for styling her. I doubt ima have kids but if I do on some real s**t I want a daughter #realshit." One more said, "I’m mad Cardi and Offset ain’t invite me to Kulture party. I could’ve brought my niece and nephews."
"Kulture’s birthday party was so cute cause it’s literally the rich version of a normal 2-year-old bday party. A party in the backyard and kids dress up have activities and fun and the adults take turns eating and kicking it and are really playing their playlist the whole time," a fan pointed out. 
It's understandable why everyone would want an invite to this party given the fact that Cardi pulled out all the stops to make it special. She also shared a photo of her and Kulture wearing matching jewelry that was dropped in by well-known companies. She thanked them for the kind gesture and flaunted them all. In the photo, the mother-daughter duo pose with similar-looking watches and anklets. 
Even though the family appeared happy and thrilled as they celebrated the little one's birthday, fans were concerned about the safety of everyone attending it. However, those doubts were rejected as invalid when the rapper shared a video, which featured a thermal scanner, a bottle of sanitizer and colorful face masks with Kulture written on them for guests. In addition to this, the couple also set up a full-fledged gift station and play area for Kulture's friends.

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