Oboi!: Reekado Banks fires back at follower who "just realized he has good songs"

Nigerian singer, Reekado Banks had a brief heated exchange with one of his followers on Twitter when the latter tweeted his sudden realization that the singer actually makes good music.

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@Famimora_ on the platform randomly tweeted that the singer actually makes good songs, but the context with which he made his stance known caused a debate among tweeps.

@Famimora_ had simply tweeted,

Lol. Reekado actually has good songs.

The interpretation of his tweet by the singer is what has tongues wagging on the microblogging platform... Reekado Banks interpreted @Famimora_'s tweet as one that is just coming to the realization that he "actually" makes good songs.

Obviously disgusted by the tweet, Reekado Banks resorted to coming for the guy by telling him that making good music is what he's about and he's been doing it for six years now.

He wrote,

What is the 'lol' for , what is the 'actually' for? Na my job, been doing it for 6yrs now. If you don't expect me to have good songs, the joke is on you ! Musically, no one knows more than Don jazzy that introduced me to the game, so fuck you and the useless surprise.

@Famimora_ -possibly a man of few words- then responded by plainly calling the singer "an idiot" and stood by what he said. Following Reekado's flare as regards the inceptive tweet, Twitter users have had mixed reactions to the whole saga.

Some people read no deep meaning to @Famimora_'s tweet as they considered it harmless and blamed Reekado's flaring up on his "insecurities" which probably emanated from when he had a rift with Burna Boy a while ago... while others actually felt @Famimora_'s tweet was actually a subtle diss to the singer.

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