WOW! Trav Explains Why He Went Off On 50 Cent & Exposed G-unit Secrets

Last week, former G-Unit affiliate Trav went off on 50 Cent, exposing the 44-year old as a bad friend who used the people around him for material but wouldn't even pay for their gas when they were riding with him.

It turns out, the attack didn't come out of the blue.

As he explained to AllHipHop, 50 Cent had briefly posted a photo of Trav on his Instagram page, with the caption "This guy is not a tuff guy, he is a good kid trying to make music. I’m sorry it didn’t work for him and his big brother, I hope they can figure something out."

Trav believes Fif put the photo and the condescending caption up because he saw Trav beefing online with Young Chop. The timing off the whole thing bothered Trav, and that's why he went off.

"Once he put me up, I went crazy because I had to defend myself. But I would’ve never went Live and stated anything if he took it down at 8 o’clock. He tried to be funny and took it down at 8:05pm.

AllHipHop: What’s the significance in 8pm?

Trav: Because 8pm was when I was going Live. Alright, here’s the thing. If I was your homegirl, we’re bros. We’re homies right, you should never try to disrespect your friends in public, then apologize behind closed doors. That doesn’t work. I don’t think that works on any levels. It was to the point I was tired of it. Even when I went Live at 8 o’clock and everybody’s saying “yo he took it down,” it’s 8:05pm bro. Stop playing. If nobody likes to stand up, I’ma stand up. I’m not one of them. I’m going to stand up for myself."

According to Trav, he has no desire to talk to Fif.

No. What’s there to talk about? I moved on. What I was saying, I’ve moved on from him. The questions they ask me, they should ask him. “How’s the people around you doing bro?” That’s the question you should ask.

Here's Trav's now-notorious rant about 50, who he's known since he was 13.

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