DIVA SYXXTY: Off Incredible Music Empire [Must Read]

Seeing a shocking and an Unbelievable  post from the producer,  nurse and CEO  of IME (incredible Music Empire) known as OnlyOneZax, which bears this content. "I never saw this coming, Diva Sixty is off IME". Diva Sixty also known as Favor Onah  is a well known Jos base Rapper and Afro artist whom was once the headline artist  of Pop Entertainment, headed by DJ Pop Jay .
                     Facebook post from OnlyOneZax

So far so good the post has drown a lot of controversies as OnlyOneZax nor Diva Sixty has come out openly to tell us the reason of leaving IME.

We have seen a smooth relationship between OnlyOneZax and Diva Sixty and also her duo mate label mate known as BamBam. Having had a magnificent and progressive stay at IME leading to the release of some the hottest sounds out of the city such as Break and Celotape.

amidst the cloud of anticipating her most waited E.P which was supposed to be dropped under IME, and Official art containing all the song titled, producers and label logo was recently released, Surprisingly IME's logo was not represented on the art which clearly shows that Diva Sixty has gotten a new management.
                         Recently released art with new label log
Has Diva Sixty really left IME or this is just a publicity stunt to promote her forth coming E.P.
We await.......

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