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Sony's Prototype 🚀
- Sony has unveiled a prototype electric car named Vision-S, an automotive concept reportedly meant to showcase the ideas the company has for the world of cars

- The new car features a demonstration of all the different technologies Sony makes

- Sony, however, does not have plans of making the car available for public purchase, at least for now

Sony Corporation, a multinational conglomerate corporation, popularly known for producing television, stereos, electronic gadgets and mobile phones, has built a new electric car named Vision-S.

Sony, with the unveiling of Vision-S and its amazing features, was adjudged the winner of the 2020 Consumer Electronics Show, a gathering place for stakeholders in the consumer technologies.

Marques Brownlee, a popular American YouTuber, described Vision-S as the best surprise no one saw coming. He noted that the electric car has been rated the best among its peers.

Figure 1 gathered that Sony, however, does not have plans of making the car available for public purchase, at least for now.

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"What they have done is put together a one-off prototype car that is a demonstration of all the different technologies Sony makes," Brownlee said.

The Verge describes the Sony Vision-S car as existing somewhere between a concept and a prototype, explaining that the car, as a concept is meant to showcase the ideas Sony has for the world of cars.

Figure 2
For the car to actually work as a prototype, Sony partnered with automotive manufacturer Magna for the vehicle engineering work and sourced the battery cells from another manufacturer.

The car's specifications include a top speed of 149 miles per hour (mph), 0 to 60 miles per hour in about 4.5 seconds thanks to two 200kW motors (one on each axle).

Among other exciting features, Vision-S has a unique entertainment experience and user interface.

Figure 3
Apart from the gadgets on the dashboard, the rear seats also have separate seatback touchscreens, with high-end sound equipment including speakers in each headrest.

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Sony also deployed its image sensors to replace the traditional mirrors. Vision-S has more than 10 image sensors powering the side-view cameras.

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