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The Game - Kendrick Lamar - Eminem
The Game has been around long enough to witness both Eminem and Kendrick Lamar in their heydays.
The 40-year old discussed the parallels between the two in a conversation with Talib Kweli, which started with Game remembering Kendrick's legendary "Control" verse. [Jump to 23 minutes.]

"That was "Control," that was bold, that is Hip Hop and it pissed a lot of people off. But, as pissed off as people were, you couldn't take away his skill ... Don't challenge that kid. I did because, don't try this at home, I know that Kendrick would hear his name and be like ‘big brother.’ The same with Cole. Kendrick is not to be challenged. I used to feel that way about Eminem in my early years. But Kendrick, in my mind, Kendrick has taken that."  
The Game did challenge Kendrick (and J. Cole, Drake, and Travis Scott) in his new track "The Light". However, as he explained, he was doing it as an OG, not as a competitor.
What do you think of Game's Kendrick-Eminem comp?

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