Justin Bieber to Perform at The BlaqBonez Rave Music Event This Year | The Plug

Justin Bieber, One Of The World's Best Singer is to perform at The Blaq Bonez Rave Event after he sent a DM to blaq Bonez on Instagram saying

"Hey my Nigerian brother, | might 
be flying to Africa this week. Can 
| get a performance slot at your 
event on the 8th? My wife and 
entire team believe this is the 
next big move for my career right 
now, as an opportunity to 
penetrate the African market, 
and hopefully we can chop it up 
in the studio after, what do you 
say bro?"

"I know you are reading this bro. 
I've asked my team to make the 
art already. See you soon ❤️"

See Pictures Below:
Blaqbones Said: "everybody’s tryna perform wtf, okay okay you guys win, I’d announce a list of artists performing with me, so my Dm can rest small 🤦‍♂️"

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