M.I Vs Vector Tha Viper: Who Is The New Nigerian Rap King? • REELPLUGMEDIA

Mr Incredible, popularly known as M.I is undeniably the most successful rap act to emerge from Nigeria as he has dominated the rap industry for over a decade. However that is not to say that there have not been formidable opponents vying for that position, the likes of Blaqbones, Erigga, and even Vector the Viper.

For a while now though, there has been visible tension between the two rappers and this was later elaborated more on with the diss tracks that have surfaced in recent weeks. M.I made it a point to mention that Vector the viper has an underwhelming career, and just like his name, he tends to bite and poison the hand that feeds him. He also made mention that Vector who has been in the game for so long has not been able to boast of any successful act who owe their success to him, he hasnt helped the next generation. He also condescendingly referred to him as his son.

Vector did clap back aswell, mentioning that Mr Incredible was not as Incredible as he seemed to portray himself. That he too had skeletons in his closet. He mentions how none of the "rappers he helped grow" never really burst out of his shadow, and further highlighted M.I's hypocrisy by asking about the whereabouts of Jesse Jagz.

Both sides did have interesting, decent and poor arguments. However overall who do you think won the rap battle?

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